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River Fund, Inc. is a local non-profit agency providing direct emergency and crisis services for individuals and families in Bullhead City, Ft. Mohave and Mohave Valley, Arizona and Laughlin, Nevada. The River Fund also provides grant funding opportunities to other non-profit organizations in the region, thereby expanding the nature and scope of available services to those in need.

The programs administered through the River Fund are very diverse and provide services and assistance in a variety of ways. The programs are managed in individual fund accounts as explained below.

Legacy Foundation has provided grants to River Fund to be used for a wide variety of assistance programs that include temporary housing, certain healthcare related financial help (prescriptions, office co-pays, etc.), clothing, food, sudden loss of life, relocation intervention for the welfare and safety of individuals and families and a myriad of unique situations that most people cannot imagine. Legacy Foundation stipulates that River Fund staff exercise “best judgment practices” in determining the need and eligibility of individuals and families receiving assistance through this program.


Community Assistance Relief Efforts (C.A.R.E.) grants evolved from a board members idea and was further developed by the Grants Committee. Funding assistance will be considered for direct service needs such as food, clothing, shelter, special requests, etc., which are consistent with the River Fund mission. These funds are disbursed to organizations requesting support in emergency situations and prior to the winter holidays with board approval.

To be eligible for funding, organizations must demonstrate: • A funding need or cause that is consistent with the River Fund’s charitable mission and vision;• A current tax-exempt, nonprofit status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; and• Activity within some or all of the River Fund’s community service areas, which includes Bullhead City, Fort Mohave, Mohave Valley, Topock, Golden Valley, AZ and Laughlin, NV.

Through a partnership with the Laughlin Chamber of Commerce, the River Fund has been the beneficiary of a percentage of proceeds from the annual Chef’s Food Fest held each fall, usually at one of the Laughlin casino properties. These funds are designated specifically for aiding local families and individuals with hardships or a variety of immediate crisis situations. Most recently, the contribution of $15,750 assisted more than ninety families with utility and housing assistance.

This fund was established to allow contributors, both employees and independent individuals, the opportunity to select a LOCAL non-profit organization that they would prefer to designate their contributions (either all or a portion). The minimum contribution is $100 per year as a one-time giver or through payroll deduction with a minimum of $10.00 per month. Every six months, payments are distributed to the charitable organization by River Fund on behalf of the contributor.
This fund allows employees of both large and small businesses to contribute through weekly or bi-weekly payroll deductions coordinated through human resources and finance departments. This was originally started with Laughlin casino properties and has now expanded to include all types of businesses on both sides of the Colorado River. It is considered to be an “investment account” in that employees, through their contributions, can utilize the fund in case of unexpected hardship or crisis or, in some instances, donate their accumulated funds to fellow workers that are in need if urgent assistance.

Eligibility is considered for full and part time employees. The employee must contribute a minimum of $3.00 per pay period or $1.50 per week. Assistance will be given to the employee or their immediate family member (Immediate family members are defined as parents, spouses and unmarried children who qualify as dependents on income tax records). Financial assistance will be determined on a case by case basis.

From the Heart, Inc. was created to assist tax-exempt or non-profit entities in providing worthwhile community causes and needs within the area of Mohave County, Arizona. Agencies such as River Fund, Inc., that provide services and aid to the elderly, youth, and families are eligible to apply for grant consideration. Not-for-profit groups whose programs address the need for food, shelter, medical needs and clothing as well as emergency energy support will be considered. Other programs that focus on early childhood education and programs for families or seniors are also within the scope of grant consideration. The grant approved by the Mohave's From the Heart Board of Directors for the River Fund allows for utility bill assistance for those in need that reside within the Mohave Electric Cooperative service area.

The purpose of this fund is to financially assist Mohave Electric Cooperative members who are in crisis or face severe hardship. The program is an energy-assistance program for MEC members who live at or below the current Federal poverty level and at no fault of their own, are facing a crisis in their household. The funds are administered through the River Fund office using program guidelines to determine eligibility. If eligible, checks will be made payable to Mohave Electric Cooperative for payment of the members' account.

In the summer of 2010, Western Arizona Regional Medical Center and Valley View Medical Center teamed up to launch a program that provides emergency air conditioning services designated specifically for area residents that are medically at risk. The idea stemmed from a notable increase in patients being seen for heat-related illnesses. Applicants are usually referred by local medical and charitable organizations and are screened based upon medical necessity and income.

The River Fund Board of Directors established the Programs Grants Fund specifically designed to assist non-profit agencies and organizations engaged in humanitarian programs that provide services and assistance to local individuals and families. The applicants must be LOCAL non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations. Following a strict application and review process by an appointed committee of board members, their recommendations are reviewed and recipients selected by the full board. Currently, the Program Grants are awarded on an annual basis in June. From River Fund's inception in July 2010 through December 31, 2014, a total of 71 grants (including C.A.R.E. grants) have been issued to local non-profit agencies totaling $338,145.00.

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