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Serving the Tri-State Region from Golden Valley to Golden Shores, including Laughlin, Nevada and Needles, California

River Giver Leadership

River Fund, Inc. has been blessed with an overwhelming response of support from the moment the announcement was made that "locals were out to help locals" and the River Fund corporation was founded.  Since its inception in the summer of 2010 through December 31, 2014 (just over four years of operation), the River Fund has provided direct emergency crisis assistance to nearly 6,000 local families totaling $669,225.60.  This assistance to individuals, when added to the grants and donor designation payments River Fund has made to local non-profits, totals $1,048,921.80 that the River Fund has distributed to the community in emergency assistance and local programs.

This assistance to local individual families and to local organizations was the result of people opening up their hearts and their pocketbooks with donations ranging from a dollar to more than $5,000 in single donations and hundreds of employees representing businesses on both sides of the Colorado River committing to payroll deductions that created the "Employee Donor Crisis Fund."

Among the many contributors to the success of the River Fund are those that have graciously contributed well above anyones expectations, not only because they can, but also because they believe in the River Fund, its goals and objectives, and above all, the people within the communities being served.

Listed here are many of the River Fund's contributors in four categories:

    BRONZE $250 to $499 ~ SILVER $500 to $999 ~ GOLD $1,000 to $2,499 ~ PLATINUM $2,500 and above


J. Tyler and Shelley Carlson
Colorado Belle/Edgewater Resorts
Darryl and Deb Dauenhauer
Laughlin-Bullhead City 5K Cancer Walk Participants
Men of Fire Bullhead City Fire Department Chapter
Tropicana Express Monthly Slot Tournaments

  Sean Hammond
Harrah's Laughlin-Caesars Heroes Foundation
Dana Kissinger
Laughlin Chamber of Commerce VIPs
George Schmit
anonymous donor

Michael and Nancy Bartelt
Dorena Joy Contreras
Paula Dill
Mona R. Eddy
Noe Gonzalez
Raymond A. Gradisher
Grand Canyon Pro Rodeo Association
Deborah Haduch
Valeria B. Hernandez
Vernon R. Judd
Archie B. Kloek
Emmie R. Mayberry
Thomas E. McHugh
Sean O'Brien
Victoria L. Pizatta
Kyle M. Popoloski
Chuck Probst
  Gilbert Roybal
Jackie L. Smith
Rick Southey
Michael and Shirley Stefflre
Jennifer Vega Castro
Ryan C. Walker
Christopher E. Walters

Paula Acke
Ronda R. Apodaca
David L. Barr
Kevin Barr
Lisa M. Bartley
Theresa Becker
Miranda Bertelson
Nicole B. Bixelmann
Jim and Barbara Bodley
Kama Breen
Thomas M. Bryant
Donna L. Burks
Kathleen Cirelli
Joseph R. Davis
Patrick Davis
Taylor Dawson
Jack Donathan
Jeff Elliott
Puapuaga Faapouli
Diane Farnham
Norman E. Fields Jr.
Ralph Fields
Stephen Fields
John Fleck
Marahi Flores
Lori Fonzi
Margaret Gabaldon
Vernon Garrett
Mitchell K. Graser
Paula Griffes
Richard Z. Hendrix
Tina M. Hernandez
Kathy Hilderhof
Benje Hookstra
Joshua Hubbard
Deborah Hunt
William Hurter
Francisco A. Jara
Richard Jennings
Edward J. Jesus
Bernice Johnson-Mills
Anthony Juarez
Jeannette Kemnitz
Dana Kern
Kenneth E. Kitko
John Ladig
Marc J. Lancaster
Ronnie Lawless
Cherrise LeFevre
Karen Lewis
Josh Livermore
Romelia Lomeli
Karen Long
Richard McDowell
Vicky McKown
Jessica Mendoza
David Miller
Daniel R. Montgomery
Gina Najdzin
Bill Nielsen
William O'Donnell
Christine Owens
Joshua Owens
Jaymes R. Palmer Jr.
Michael Parrott
Daniel Pencoff
Antone Pfisterer
Lenny Phillips
Brenda Porter
Sharon Pritchett
Deborah A. Probst
Venus Ramay
Hector Revelez
Cecilia V. Richardson
Denise Riggs
Cris Robinson
Brenda Roche
Basil Rodriguez
Tiffany Rose
William Russell
Ronald K. Salmons
Susan Salmons
Jim Schaeffer
Lalonna Seymour
Denise Shinsky
Victor Silva
Margaret L. Smith
David Snyder
Kenneth Souza
Christina Stahl
Tara L. Stanec
Craig Stephenson
Carolyn W. Stewart
Michael J. Strohrigl
Craig Tevis
Rosa I. Torres
Richard P. Trewhela Jr.
Sharon Twaddle
Joshua Vaughn
Peno Venarucci
Michelle Vestal
Mark Vintila
Lesa C. Vishon
Maria M. Wall
Virgil Walters
Darcy Weiner
Renee Welch
Roy N. Weyant
John Williams
Michael Wilper
Randy Wynn
Dominic Zaccardo





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