Bi-Weekly Donor Form

Donate To Our Programs Through Your Payroll

Bi-Weekly Payroll Donor Form

Employees of businesses on a bi-weekly payroll schedule are requested to use a specially designed Donor Form. You may download the form below and submit it to your Human Resources Department for processing.

There are several dollar amount options available to you for payroll deduction and an opportunity to specify that your contributions will be directed to a specific LOCAL non-profit organization. Remember that individual donation must be a minimum of $100.00 per year (at least $4 per pay period deduction).  Should you choose the designated recipient option, check the appropriate box, provide the name and address of the LOCAL non-profit organization, and then check the "Other" box under payroll deductions and write-in at least $4 as your bi-weekly contribution.

Payroll deductions are continuous until the employee stops the deduction through their human resources department or creases employment with the participating organization.

As a third option, you may wish to contribute a one-time donation, and space is provided on the form for that purpose.

For a donor that does not specify a local non-profit organization to receive their donations, bi-weekly payroll deductions will be deposited into the Employee Donor Crisis Fund and used only for that purpose. Thank you for making this important decision to become a "River Giver" as a show of support for those in time of need.