River Fund, Inc. has been blessed with an overwhelming response of support from the moment the announcement was made that "locals were out to help locals" and the River Fund corporation was founded. Since its inception in the summer of 2010 through December 31, 2023 (thirteen years of operation), the River Fund has provided direct emergency crisis assistance impacting more than 75,000 lives here in our service area in an amount that exceeds $2,843,000.00. This assistance to individuals, when added to the grants and donor designation payments River Fund has made to local non-profits, brings the overall total to more than $3,900,000.00 that the River Fund has distributed to the local community in emergency assistance and various service programs.

This assistance to local individuals and families as well as numerous local organizations was the result of people opening up their hearts and their pocketbooks with donations ranging from a dollar to more than $5,000 in single donations and hundreds of employees representing businesses on both sides of the Colorado River committing to payroll deductions that created the "Employee Donor Crisis Fund."

Among the many contributors to the success of the River Fund are those that have graciously contributed well above anyones expectations, not only because they can, but also because they believe in the River Fund, its goals and objectives, and above all, the people within the communities being served.

Listed here are many of the River Fund's contributors in four categories:

BRONZE $250 to $499 ~ SILVER $500 to $999 ~ GOLD $1,000 to $2,499
PLATINUM $2,500 and above